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As a practitioner I specialise in awakening and trauma-recovery, as has been my path.

I use a variety of different tools in my private lessons, but believe that connecting with your own body is vital in order to process the outside world. Trauma and awakening express themselves through emotional disturbances and bodily dysfunction. Movement, breath, meditation, creativity and self-care are therefore essential to function as a happy and healthy human.

In order to recover from trauma and sustain yourself through awakening you must look at everything. This means everything you consume, everything you think and everything that you do. It is a process of recalibrating and addressing all the patterning surrounding the habits and perceptions created by trauma. Luckily the brain is entirely plastic. Unluckily, we don’t always have the time to heal all wounds.

For the emotional state this requires time spent in meditation and self study to see what’s there, under supervision, to start to clear and repattern with a focused and targeted approach.

To unwind and cleanse the akashic impressions that are held in your body you must move your body in all ways as this is held in different ways in the whole body. So there’s no one size fits all.

I work deeply with embodiment, have studied many different meditative techniques and understand and have treated trauma ranging from stress to suicide.

At the moment, I offer online tuition that can be booked one at a time, or in blocks. It’s also possible to choose a full package including dedicated and supported retreats, in a process I call “Morphology”.

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