About Jaz

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Welcome to the homepage for yoga teacher and intuitive healing with Jazmin Jewel.

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Life has changed drastically in the last year for all of us. I came home to my body with the startling revelation that all was not well and things were worse than I’d realised. Working with my mentors and teachers I’ve reached a depth and peak of inner wisdom and knowing, that everything we need to know lies within ourselves if we are willing to listen. This journey requires courage, strength and faith. The practice goes beyond anything I’ve ever believed could be possible.

Learning to embody myself in the present moment, be with myself, love and cherish the rainbow that is Jazmin Jewel – this is my practice and this is the learning that I hope to be able to share. But with you on your journey too.

I work with movement in the form of asana and “free” or authentic movement, meditation (which takes many forms), breath and creative expression (poetry, painting, drawing, journalling) and channeling inuitive guidance (sometimes with the aid of cards, rocks or animals.)

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