August 2020

August 2020

A little late this month! I’m trying to get this blog out within the first week of each month to give you all time to read it on time. So, first things first. Leo season is upon us, and I celebrated 32 solar trips last month. How do I feel about 32? It changes day to day. I don’t feel like I’m particularly accomplished for a 32 year old woman, but I’m sure that the best is yet to come. And what is accomplished anyway?

Me in Bali two years ago after my second YTT. I love this photo!

Everytime I turn a corner and find a routine, another one of these online summits crop up out of the blue. And each time I say – no more. No more summits. But, actually being very, very low on money and having a natural curiosity that is sometimes an outright hunger for deeper, broader and richer knowledge and connection I can’t resist.

I’ve been working with some of Sally Kempton‘s meditations and books for the last four years so I decided to attend the Conscious Voices Rising Summit which is online. I’m not actually going to attend much – probably just Sally’s talk as I’m working through one of her teleconferences right now so I’m enjoying her content. But the line-up looks good, many well-respected and seasoned speakers and thought-leaders to inject some inspiration and creativity into your process. It’s specifically intended for women, as a way to elevate and propogate the conscious female voice. I’m interested and grateful to be a part of the conversation. It already started today (11.08.20) but is available to catch up in real time, or purchase later on. Which is the standard now.

There’s an event on public speaking that I’m attending called ‘SPEAK OUT’ (hopefully) this Thursday. I heard about it from Bernadette Pleasant, whose session I missed at the Embodied Psychology Summit but luckily she had a mini-offering in the closing party. I’ve been feeling very much in my shell and she is incredible at bringing people out of that, so excited to see what this brings.

I have also been invited to another event which is currently running called Coaching Journey with Jola. I’ve classified myself as a coach before. While I’m very lazily taking some life-coaching courses, my yogic work takes priority. And I can coach very adeptly from a yogic framework as an intuitive healer, skilled yoga teaching requiring a high emotional intelligence and compassion for people. I even started a website exploring this as Ecstatic States Coaching called Morphology. But the truth is, I’m going to support an online peer as she’s speaking. And I found a place that I fit into. I’m a yoga teacher, you can find me listed on the school of Embodied Flow™ website and that’s what I feel describes me fairly accurately right now. The sweetness of that community during lockdown was a godsend!

With one of my teachers currently teaching a 200hour online, and preparing for another retreat later this month I’ve felt (after the very held space of lockdown) a little bit lost. So I remembered my resources! My body has completely changed in it’s needs – after the shock of homelessness and adjusting to life with my father. And more shocks to the system since then.

It’s easy to forget that life’s stresses and strains take a long-term toll on the body and while yogis have strict routine, I’ve always approached my practice therapeutically, changing my practice to adapt to my needs rather than the other way around. The loneliness I’ve faced for years has left me in need for a huge amount of nourishment rather than punishment, and I’m really starting to realise what that means for me.

  1. Accept help

I’m a very, very independent person. I like to be capable. But there are people out there not just willing, but able and grateful to be able to help raise me out of struggle. Because that’s their jam. So, not just accept help but take it on board. Many of you receive my newsletter (if you don’t just let me know in the comments so I can add you to the weekly list) and might know I’m working with a new business coach. I’m also starting to really work with a therapist, and a friendship has also blossomed. I’m really listening into the people around me and it’s starting to help me to integrate.

The first was, I suppose asking for and receiving a Pay from the heart scholarship for Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s Summer Series, which closes this month. It’s on Embodying Cellular Consciousness and has been a challenging but well-received offering, and I’m so grateful I can take these series forever on video!

  1. Use tools

As my practice has changed, this month I’m relying again on Glo for short inspirational practices and I recommend it! It’s an online video library of yoga and holistic fitness that I’ve used for a few years and it’s been there with me through travel and lockdown. Lockdown saw me reconnect with an old teacher trainer from my first 200hour Angela Perez in her live classes, and also attending live classes with Tara Judelle who co-founded Embodied Flow™.

I’ve also attended a couple of online classes for Yin Therapy with Pheobe Greenacre, and I find it to be similar to some of the yin classes I used to indulge myself with back when I had my own space and the time and headspace to do this for myself. It’s slow, nourishing and uses a lot of props. If you like your yin supported and held (which sometimes I really do) I can recommend it.

It’s almost been a relief as I went through a period of time where I felt like I didn’t know where to go with yoga. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and that I just needed training after training. It’s actually why I ended up taking two 200 hour courses – I just didn’t feel advanced enough! I know this isn’t the case, of course.

  1. Talk to people

Friends, peers, mentors. I’ve been talking everything out non stop the last couple of weeks and I’ve seen so much of an improvement. After 10 years of inauthenticity I am finally feeling like I’m speaking to people who hear me, value me and love me for who I am. It’s the most magical healing process.

This August has been incredible so far. I’ve not done a lot, but I’m starting to find ways of working that are authentic to the load I can maintain so you can expect to see a lot of beautiful and regular content on:

I’ve got a couple of other exciting things in the pipeline including my next contribution to a book to be published next year by invitation of Peter from the National Paranoia Network (you can go to purchase and read my last book “A Grateful Heart” here), some astounding online meditation and yoga courses from my own private practice and other small little pieces I can’t reveal just yet…

I thought perhaps I’d be up and away somewhere tropical or more populated with like-minded people from September, but it looks like lockdown might resurface because people do not know how to distance, clean, or consider others. That’s okay though – I’m learning to be exactly where I am. And I hope that you are too and that you have a fantastic August.

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