November 2020

November 2020

Well it looks like lockdown part two is here in the UK! I’m not impressed. Having not yet found a place to live within a meagre budget, I am relegated to my father’s sofa for the time being – hopefully not another six months. If this changes in the next three days I will happily edit this blog.

This month, easing off from the conferences and Summits. I’m so very, very grateful for all the incredible rainbow varieties of experts offerings classes for free online, but I am officially locked down. No more, please, no more. I feel obliged to attend and I don’t want to.

I usually give a little round up of what events I’m attending this month…and this is no different. At the moment I’m studying the Shiva Sutras with Tara Judelle, a key tantric text in the lineage of Kashmir Shaivism. This isn’t the first time these sutras have crossed my path, but it just felt like the time was right to do some philosophical insight. I just completed her Liquid Body Immersion, which was incredible and her insights and the experiential wisdom is filtering out into my classes – so I can personally say they’ve kicked it up a notch.

Somewhere beyond the sea – a poem

I couldn’t stop staring at you
Because I’d never seen anything like it
Diamonds seem dull by comparison 
They’re static, they’re solid
But you, liquid blue
A thousand diamonds in motion
Dancing over fish and salty sponge
Seaweed, sand

I chased a cuttlefish into the blue
And while you glittered above
She swirled her skirts into your depths

I panicked at the drop off and left

Over the summer I completed a pre-recorded telecourse with Sally Kempton that I’m thinking of re-doing. Or revisiting some of the materials – I signed up for a workshop on love with her last month and have the second part this month, although the state of Triyoga’s customer service make me want to NOT attend (sorry Sally.)

And I am still attending classes with the amazing Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – her Fall Series on the spine is such a gift (and also I got a pay from the heart scholarship for it which made it accessible for me!)

And then…then I can’t remember. I haven’t made any plans, mostly I want to knuckle down. I made the commitment to myself to be more disciplined in my personal practice and a little more active, as I tend to get a little burst of energy in the winter months (quite bizarrely) so taking advantage of the sharpness winter brings for me.

The cost of yoga

I can’t tell you the headaches I’ve had trying to price myself as a teacher, facilitator and healer in this “business”. It’s a difficult thing – but I have NEVER worked in an industry where the norm was you offer your services at donation after years of practice and thousands of pounds worth of professional training before, which is probably why I’ve never made much money!

After having some pretty potent experiences of shaktipat (awakening through transmission) and bearing witness to this process hundreds of times, I realised my one-to-one classes were worth way more than I was charging and that despite my inexperience, the depth at which I worked meant a lot could be achieved within a relatively short space of time. 

Unlike my readings, which are a hobby I use to gain clarity (and amuse myself) so am happy to offer on a donation basis, my yoga practice is a discipline that I have been refining over years to a professional capacity and while I can’t boast the mastery of my teachers (obviously) I am the student of world leaders in their field and I study like CRAZY.

I know that there’s a culture of freebies right now in yoga, and particularly for the more senior teachers WHO CAN AFFORD TO DO IT. I need this to be totally clear. There are those who are reaching their peak, or at total leadership in their field, and need no money. So they give away their precious knowledge freely and generously and at their discretion.

I won’t be bullied into giving more than I feel is good for me or the client – I have done in the past and it’s the reason I stopped seeing some clients and had to start from scratch.

That’s why I’m so very delighted to be able to create pre-recorded content. This means that I can offer my teachings without great cost to myself or my clients, while I am still learning the ropes in my field. And it’s hard – I skipped the stage of development when you can throw all your energy into running around and take on tonnes of clients at low prices because I jumped straight to the mastery track and that’s all there is to it

So yes, I am still offering one-to-one classes for a select few – and yes they do carry a slightly bigger price tag than before (I’ve got to save to be able to afford an actual house) but they carry the well-wishes of all those who stand behind me. 

I thought it might be helpful to lay things out so everything is crystal clear, and you can choose how to practice so that it’s comfortable for us both:


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