October 2020

October 2020

Well, it’s definitely not summer anymore. The sun might be shining, but there’s a crispness in the air. I’ve had to put the heating on. Salads are no longer necessary – this is soup season.

This summer has been an incredible journey. A sort of homecoming – so many little things that became big problems got untangled. I am filled with gratitude for the teachers that made this possible – and I want it to be known that if you are genuine in your practice, and you want to learn with people and they want to teach you and learn and grow with you they will find space for you, no matter what your bank balance is telling you.

I’m starting this month with one such teacher Tara Judelle, who is running a weekend-long digital retreat with her friend Marc Holzman. I attended the digital Harmonize earlier this year and it was so refreshing, so energising and so inspiring. So, this is a splurge on my budget but it feels like the nourishment I need right now. I have gotten all my work done early and cleared the space and time to really enjoy this retreat and get the very most out of the time – and the support as Monday morning will be greeting a funeral. Perfect timing.

Join Harmonize pt II with me from 2nd-4th October

Attending online events like this has really made me feel more confident in the digital space for eventing. And so I’m launching my own. Some of you might have looked at my premium bespoke retreat and support offering “Morphology” before, but while that’s where I want to go with my work, I realise I might need a few steps in between. So it is my huge exciting pleasure to launch a monthly digital day retreat of the same name.

View the Morphology digital day retreat menu.

Every month, on a Sunday afternoon (for now) UK time I will offer three back-to-back workshops. You can choose to attend one, two or all three and the whole event will be available to catch up for 24 hours to cater for all time zones. The classes available are:

embodiment. yoga. flow. movement.
journalling. gratitude. breath.
somatic exploration. yin.

All classes are suitable for all levels, and modifications will be offered for beginners. And I’m doing something that I’ve never done before – there will be three tiers of payment options allowing you to choose your fees based on your own financial situation.

This is something that I’ve been gifted with from teachers and in financial constraint, it is amazing to have.

The first date is 25th October 2020 and I hope you’ll join me. To book, click on the picture below and you’ll be taken to a webform to choose which classes you wish to join.

Group Classes

Another amazing this is happening, starting TONIGHT. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is running another series of classes, this time with the focus on the spine. For those who don’t know, she’s a pioneer in somatic therapy and yoga, and has been for the last half century. Luckily, I can attend with a “Pay from the Heart” scholarship. This series is running until mid November, and you can enroll anytime.

Join me and study with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

I’m really excited about this one – her last series was difficult to digest because there is SO MUCH information, and so much detail. My anatomy training was really great with the yoga trainings I took, and while I have a really intuitive understanding of the body, actually going into detail and naming each thing, and understanding the minutia of every tiny mechanism as apart of a functioning whole organism is something I’ve yet to grasp. But her book Sensing, Feeling and Action was a profound shift in the way that I practiced. I was going through a very troubling time and the idea of devoting myself to a higher power was not interesting to me. But looking at what was going on inside my body – that I could do. It became a distraction from my pain, and a way to heal through my pain.

What else is coming up for this October? We have more classes available from Yoga Pose in their 99cent yoga library. I’m so excited and grateful to be able to offer these recordings to you all, and for an incredible price of only 0.99 USD per class, or unlimited access for $10 a month. They’ve created a really thoughtful mini-documentary that is supported by Mental Health America called “Your brain on yoga” and I really recommend that you watch it.

Watch the documentary “Your brain on Yoga”

I’m also attending The Embodiment Conference, which is an international online conference with a huge, huge, huge amount of speakers. Multiple channels, even language support…

There’s a lot there but it’s a good opportunity to look around or catch up with your faves (or even just some names that keep cropping up.) It starts on Wednesday 14th October and there are thousands of sessions to choose from. Luckily, when you do sign up there’s a search function for the schedule so you can find anything.

Join me at The Embodiment Conference

I can’t see what’s happening past that point. All I know is this, October is the month of Halloween. I will not be going to a party, or trick or treating, but I probably will be eating some form of home-made cookies and thinking about all the people that have passed away in recent years.

All Hallows Eve is a saints day, so while you might be turned on or off by the commerical aspect, this is a great portal into spiritual practice.

And what do I mean by portal? The centuries of worship that have built up have density. It’s what makes this a sucessful commercial holiday – in fact that’s what makes all commercial holidays successful. They are building on something that already has weight. And it can be, when used correctly a doorway.

All Hallows Eve is traditionally celebrated with a vigil, sermon, fasting and then a feast on November 1st. As the energy means you have a doorway to connection, this is an excellent time to intermittent fast, meditate and speak to your guides or ancestors. Light a candle, make an offering, gather with people or sit alone. But take the energy! It’s there, it’s free and you only add value by creating your own ritual. If you want to learn more about ritual, with Morphology the weekend previous, you know where to find me!

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