My first “Enliven” session with Jaz was magical. The experience was a valuable reminder of the importance of moving the body to shift the trapped energies that accumulate in daily life. The class is gentle and restorative, yet works the muscles nicely. It left me feeling lighter and more relaxed, and I was able to continue my day with more vitality and resilience. I highly recommend you book a class with Jaz!


Beautiful soul who has a lot of love to give. Recommended ❤️ Great with her intuition!


When I first encountered Jazmin Ali – you seek yoga I was sitting in the library of Villa de Zoysa journalling and drawing. Jaz walked up the stairs and quickly through her insights and warmth became a welcome part of the next couple of weeks of my yoga/retreat experience. Through her classes (which were always carefully thought out and unique) we welcomed a full moon eclipse, got down & deep, were encouraged in a safe place to explore our own sensuality and to really tune in. I loved her classes and also had the chance to have a reiki session with her. Again her generosity of spirit, warmth and understanding married with her curious nature was such a welcomed thing.


Highly recommended Jazmin for retreats. she’s amazing at working with you at your own pace, teaching you different poses and practices for every chakra, day by day. she is very real and transformative in a mental and physical way. I can truely say Jazzy changed my outlook on how react, and empower myself. if your looking for something a little more personal and enlightening rather then just a yoga retreat like all the others, go see Jazmin❤️


Jazmin bring a beautiful healing energy into the spaces she teaches in. Jazmin transmits and shares in a way which is calm, informative and powerful as a teacher.


Brilliant class, had never done yoga before but now love it, only done 2 classes and can see a difference in my posture doing my poses and breathing, Jazmin is a fantastic teacher very welcoming and helpful xx


I learned so many incredible things with Jazmin. From uplifting yoga classes, to workshops and ceremony’s and even just having the opportunity to know her for a couple weeks really changed my life.


Jazmin is an incredible reiki practitioner! One of the best sessions I’ve ever had – you simply must book if you can! Can’t wait to book again.


I was nervous and not sure I would be able to do yoga as I have back and knee problems, but Jazmin is amazing. I have now done her Wednesday class and a one on one session and feel fantastic (well aching a lots) she has helped and worked me through my worries, concerns and injuries. I would highly recommend Jazmin and Hatha Flow to everyone and every ability. Can’t wait for the next class


Jaz brings an incredible energy to her teaching ❤️ All of my experiences with her have been nothing but brilliant. Her knowledge and passion for yoga shine through her classes!


Jazmin’s Vinyasa flow classes are amazing, very dynamic and inspiring, strong but with times to relax and recharge as well. I highly recommend!


Jaz is amazing at what she does and knows her yoga